Why VDI? Why Leadtek?

Want to say good-bye to distributed PCs that take up too much space, create heat and noise and are complicated to maintain? Or, as an IT manager, dream about scaling up and patching OS just a few clicks away? Zero/Thin Clients in VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) environment make all come true by centralizing computing resources, only a small piece of durable hardware left on your desk and is under real-time central management.

Leadtek's VDI Solutions consist of Zero Clients, Thin Clients and DMS (Device Management Software). We design, develop and assemble on our own, so you are able to get custom-built and plug-and-play infrastructure solutions that support your unique IT environment in affordable cost. That's why Leadtek has been the chosen partner of the world's leading zero/thin client key players.

PCoIP Zero Client & Remote Workstation Card

  • Secure company's intellectual property
  • Simplify IT administration
  • Revolutionize users' HD experience

VDI (Ultra-) Thin Client

  • Provide productivity-maximizing features
  • Full ISV provider compatibility
  • Network adaptability with Gigabit Ethernet, SFP Fiber, and optional wireless

RDP Zero Client

  • High cost effectiveness
  • Latest RDP hardware decoders and accelerators embedded
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft RemoteFX and RDP

PCoIP Technology Redefines Graphics-Intensive VDI Experience

PC-over-IP (PCoIP) solution allows enterprise PCs, workstations, and servers to be centrally managed in a data center or in the cloud, while providing high resolution, full frame-rate 3D graphics, high definition streaming media, and full USB peripheral interoperability to PCoIP client devices. It promises premium interactive experience, just like PC, over LAN or even over high-latency WAN networks.

Unlike other protocols, PCoIP is a multi-codec solution which saves bandwidth and has the ability to dynamically adapt to network conditions in real time, always delivering optimum image quality and frame rate. Besides its adaptability and performance advantages, PCoIP offers perfect security by using host rendering that is independent of client hardware and transfers only pixels instead. No business information ever leaves your cloud or data center.

    Multiple Codecs
    Dynamic Network Adaptation
    Host Rendering
"Leadtek continues to provide VMware View and workstation customers with a full set of PCoIP zero client and remote workstation endpoints to meet the needs of virtual desktop and power user deployments."
- Teradici Corporation

PCoIP Technology Achieves “Seeing is Believing”

With PCoIP innovations, your VDI user's experience is moving to higher quality in text clarity,
color accuracy,distortion-free graphics, lossless reproduction during CAD and VFX applications
as well as top security over various network conditions.

PCoIP color accuracy comparing to other protocols using H.264 compression technique.

PCoIP lossless dynamic graphics reproduction comparing to other protocols using H.264 compression technique.

Leadtek PCoIP Solutions – Zero Clients

PCoIP zero clients are book-size desktop endpoints for any Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system that has the PCoIP server installed with VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, or a PCoIP remote workstation card. Popular in institutions highly demanding for data security and efficient centralized management, such as governments and financial industry, zero clients prove many benefits comparing to traditional PCs and Leadtek is a well-experienced manufacturer in helping customers around the globe build up PCoIP systems.

Where we are…


Security, Authentication and Centralized Management


Security and High-resolution & Lossless Medical Images


Security and Easy System Migration/Upgrade


Security, Multiple Display and Easy Recovery


Accessibility from Campuses and Engineering/Lab Graphics Accuracy


Security, Centralized Management and Speedy Upgrade
PC PCoIP Zero Client
OS Restricted YES NO
Hardware Drivers YES NO
Control Response Fast Fast
Graphics Performance Great Great *
Applications Great Great
Virus and Spyware YES NO **
IT Management Heavy Easy
Power Consumption High Ultra Low
Noise High Noiseless
Security Poor Great

Leadtek PCoIP Solutions - Remote Workstation Cards

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards can be added to any existing PC or workstation to leverage your current graphics card performance, share CPU loading and optimize network speed, while other software remote solutions only enhance one aspect at the expense of the others. Power-users now can receive the full frame-rate rendering capabilities necessary to create complex designs and images, without ever having to be in the same office, making PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards powerful solutions to workers in motion picture, construction, manufacturing, architectural and engineering projects.

Where we are…


Centralize CAD Data Files, Secure Remote Access, Heat & Noise Elimination

Media and Entertainment

Build Render Cluster, Prevent Intellectual Property Loss , Support Off-Shore Contract Workers

Oil and Gas

High-Resolution Drilling Information, Data Investigate & Visualize

Leadtek Thin Client & Ultra-Thin Client

Leadtek is dedicated to simplify IT management and enhance graphics performance in enterprises, specializing in designing lightweight VDI endpoints. Let's introduce Leadtek (Ultra-) Thin Client with full ISV provider compatibility, including Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

  • Full Range Performance

  • Entry-level to advanced SoC to satisfy multimedia/display needs up to 4K UHD

  • DMS (Device Management Software) Ready

  • Manage entire client endpoints from a web-based, user-friendly central console

  • Project Flexibility

  • Linux, Windows, or customized OS support and TAA compliant manufacturing support

Leadtek RDP Zero Client for Remote Desktop Connection

Leadtek Zero Clients guarantee a powerful, secure and easy to manage endpoint device. With Leadtek RDP Zero Clients, you will experience a lightning-fast hardware for task-based workers with extremely economical, energy and space saving advantages.

  • RemoteFX & RDP Integration

  • Hardware accelerators to support RDP 8.1/8.0/7.1 session in Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and available in Windows Server 2016/2012/2008, Windows Multipoint Server 2012

  • Remote Access in Robust PC Experience

  • Connect to remote PC/Server still meeting high performance 1920x1080 HD video

  • DMS (Device Management Software) Ready

  • Manage entire client endpoints from a web-based, user-friendly central console

Leadtek Thin Client Software Solutions

To further streamline the already minimal management of a VDI thin client, Leadtek develops dedicated Leadtek Thin Client OS (LvOS) and Leadtek Device Management Software (DMS). Customers can enjoy complete thin client benefits FREE of charge:

  • VMware & Citrix Ready

  • LvOS is proved to be full compatibility with latest VMware Horizon and Citrix virtualized infrastructure.

  • Zero Maintenance

  • LvOS is a virus-proof Linux OS that has no attraction to the malware attacks. With DMS security control, end-user misconfiguration is totally blocked.

  • Easy to Use

  • LvOS and DMS are both designed with intuitive graphical user interface and discard unused settings to make a purpose-built VDI software solution.

  • Central Management

  • Deployed with DMS to control, monitor, configure and troubleshoot all Leadtek thin clients from a Web console whenever and wherever.