Zero Client & Thin Client

Leadtek delivers truly astounding graphics, highly responsive user-experience, outstanding power efficiency, and the most reliable solution to security-minded, performance-driven organizations over the most challenging network conditions to their on-premises workstations or virtual machine instances in local data centers or public clouds.

"By converting cybersecurity from an incident-driven reaction into part of the fabric of transformation efforts, organizations can not only boost cybersecurity resilience, but also position themselves to reinvent the whole enterprise and set a new performance frontier, safely."

Accenture’s 2023 State of Cybersecurity Resilience Report*

It Starts with Exceptional Security of PCoIP Zero Client

PCoIP® Zero Clients are widely deployed in government and thousands of security-minded corporations today

Now We Roll Out a Key Ingredient
Zero Trust

In August 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published Special Publication 800-207, the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), to provide a detailed framework for implementing ZTA within organizations. In January 2022, the US White House has directed all agencies to have a plan to adopt a zero trust posture by the end of FY24.**

Zero Trust strategy replaces traditional perimeter-based security with one focused on users, devices, applications, and assets.

Never Trust, Always Verify
Trusted Zero Client &
Anyware Trust Center

The next-generation Trusted Zero Client technology builds on PCoIP Zero Client’s solid foundation, bringing the very best in remoting security and PCoIP Ultra performance to help IT integrate Zero Trust architecture into their digital workspaces environment. All are managed through the device management tool that has been integrated with the Anyware Trust Center, which is a zero trust policy engine that validates access behavior continuously to enable secure trusted connections and creates security policies for trusted devices.

PCoIP Technology
Seeing is Believing

Unlike other remote display protocols, PC-over-IP (PCoIP) is a multi-codec solution which saves bandwidth and has the ability to dynamically adapt to network conditions in real time, always delivering optimum image quality and frame rate. Other protocols offer additional brute force lossless modes to overcome compression artifacts. With PCoIP technology, there is little difference for the user between working with a local computer or from a remote endpoint receiving a PCoIP streamed pixel representation of their desktop and applications.

PCoIP lossless technology delivers accurate color and texture for any use case.

With PCoIP algorithms, anti-aliased text types remain crisp, clear and always readable.

"Leadtek continues to provide VMware View and workstation customers with a full set of PCoIP zero client and remote workstation endpoints to meet the needs of virtual desktop and power user deployments."

Teradici Corporation

PCoIP Zero Client

Having a highly integrated, purpose-built Teradici processor to receive encrypted pixel images instead of data to the user’s display, PCoIP zero clients are book-size desktop endpoints that deliver a rich user experience when connected to HP Anyware, VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces desktops and remote workstations. Popular in institutions highly demanding for data security and efficient centralized management, such as governments and financial industry, PCoIP zero clients prove many benefits comparing to traditional PCs and Leadtek is a well-experienced manufacturer in helping customers around the globe build up PCoIP systems.

Remote Workstation Card

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards can be added to any existing PC or workstation to leverage your current graphics card performance, share CPU loading and optimize network speed, while other software remote solutions only enhance one aspect at the expense of the others. Power-users now can receive the full frame-rate rendering capabilities necessary to create complex designs and images, without ever having to be in the same office, making PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards powerful solutions to workers in motion picture, construction, manufacturing, architectural and engineering projects.

Where we are…

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Security, Authentication and Centralized Management

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Security and High-resolution & Lossless Medical Images

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Security and Easy System Migration/Upgrade

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Security, Multiple Display and Easy Recovery

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Accessibility from Campuses and Engineering/Lab Graphics Accuracy

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Security, Centralized Management and Speedy Upgrade

Thin Client Products

Leadtek is dedicated to simplify IT management and enhance graphics performance in enterprises, specializing in designing lightweight remote endpoints. Except leveraging PCoIP technology and providing the most flexible way to implement a PCoIP deployment, Leadtek’s Ultra-Thin Clients and Thin Clients integrate full ISV provider compatibility, including Citrix, VMware and Microsoft remote solutions.

Full Range

Entry-level to advanced performance to satisfy multimedia/display needs up to 4K UHD

DMS Ready
(Device Management Software)

Manage entire endpoints from a web-based, user-friendly central console


Linux, Windows, or customized OS support and TAA compliant manufacturing support

Thin Client OS &
Management Software

To further streamline the already minimal management of thin clients, Leadtek develops dedicated Leadtek Thin Client OS (LvOS) and Leadtek Device Management Software (DMS). Customers can fully enjoy the extensive benefits of thin client technology.

VMware & Citrix Ready

LvOS is proved to be full compatibility with latest VMware Horizon and Citrix virtualized infrastructure.

Zero Maintenance

LvOS is a virus-proof Linux OS that has no attraction to the malware attacks. With DMS security control, end-user misconfiguration is totally blocked.

Easy to Use

LvOS and DMS are both designed with intuitive graphical user interface and discard unused settings to make a purpose-built remote endpoint software solution.

Central Management

Deployed with DMS to control, monitor, configure and troubleshoot all Leadtek thin clients from a web console whenever and wherever.

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* Accenture’s 2023 State of Cybersecurity Resilience Report : https://www.accenture.com/us-en/insights/security/state-cybersecurity
** M-22-09 Federal Zero Trust Strategy : https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/M-22-09.pdf
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